Black and white photo by Brian Suman

Meet Kevin Nichols, aka Bearded Artist!

Kevin is an award-winning photorealistic pencil artist specializing in drawings that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Artist Statement

Pencil and paper was all Kevin’s mother needed to get him to sit still when he was a child. He could draw for HOURS on end.

“If Mom ran out of paper and pencil, she had to put me on a leash!” (True story)

Drawing has been a through line for Kevin’s whole life. He believes self-competition is the only relevant competition and promises to keep honing his skills as long as he can hold a pencil.

Kevin has been drawing professionally since 2012 and full-time since 2017.

Bearded Artist drawings are completed with 2b pencil and color pencil. They contain so much detail because of the myriad of techniques he uses.

  • different lighting
  • eyes squinted
  • eyes wide
  • up close
  • far away
  • upside down
  • sideways
  • sitting
  • kneeling
  • standing
  • sober
  • not sober….

You get the picture!

You can catch Kevin all over the country at different Comic Cons and shows. His drawings really are breathtaking to see in person, so get to a show!

Use the form below to make contact with Kevin and he will get back to you shortly!